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Sean Spence

Hi, I'm Sean Spence


'Where do you come from'

Having travelled the world and lived in the UK, Hong Kong and now Australia, I often get asked where I come from. The short answer is 'Ireland', as I grew up in Belfast. The long answer is that I've had many influences shaping how I help leaders today. Physics at Oxford, Accounting with PWC and international executive search with Russell Reynolds Associates. I've worked in over 30 countries and across most industries and professions.


I've also experienced great losses, setbacks and changes that taught me lessons about leading under stress. I believe every leader has a challenge that they are finely tuned to meet, and a future exciting role that they can design, find and win. To help them, I bring my whole self, as well as unique tools that shape effective action. 

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More about Sean

I started coaching senior professionals in 1999 after careers in Accounting (PWC) and Executive Search (Russell Reynolds) in London, Hong Kong and Australia. I have helped people in complex roles including CEO, most executive roles and partnerships as well as entrepreneurs. 

I bring a unique and deep understanding of what a role requires, particularly when it's a serious step up. I embrace both the personal, emotional experience and the tough, pragmatic issues in improving performance across an entire organisation. This calls for swift but effective understanding of priority issues, organisational systems and the culture that's needed for the strategic future. 

My international experience, multidisciplinary approach and training in both analytic and human aspects of work are in the service of your vision. 

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